Why Have a Service Agreement?

There are many benefits to having a Proactive Service Agreement with us! These cleanings ensure that your unit will be ready to go for the upcoming season. We do one cleaning before the summer for your air conditioning and one cleaning before winter for your heating. All of our technicians are trained to do a thorough cleaning of your system.

Our Service Agreement checkpoints include:
* Refrigerant Pressures
* Compressor and Fan Amps
* Compressor and Fan Capacitors
* Clean Coil Outdoor
* Blower Motor and Heat Strip Amps
* Blower Motor Capacitor
* Clean Coil Indoor
* Clear Drain
* Filters
* Check Duct Work

There are many good reasons to consider having this checking system in place for your property. Dirty coils will cause high head pressure or low suction pressure. This will result in compressor damage, lower delta T, or freeze up. A clogged drain line could cause a water leak, stains in the ceiling, a muggy or feeling of discomfort with the air quality of the property or the AC will completely shut off if there’s a safety pan with a float switch in place.

Additionally, having a Proactive Service Agreement with us can have some major perks! There are no after-hours charges and you will receive 15% off parts!

If you have any questions about all the details of a cleaning or questions regarding the pricing feel free to contact us at (865) 428-6491 and we will be able to further assist you!