Service Agreement

As a member of our service agreement program, we will be able to regularly check, maintain and repair your unit at a reasonable consistency and price. We check your unit at least twice per year and perform a 23-point inspection as we do.

Our inspection includes:
* Check & Inspect Heat Exchanger.
* Clean & Adjust Burner Assembly.
* Clean Ignition Assembly.
* Examine Heat Exchanger.
* Monitor Flue Draft.
* Monitor Refrigerant Pressure.
* Test Starting Capabilities.
* Test Safety Controls.
* Clean Or Replace Standard Air Filters.
* Clean & Adjust Blower Components.
* Measure For Correct Air Flow.
* Tighten Electrical Connections.
* Measure Volts/Amps.
* Lubricant All Moving Parts.
* Adjust Thermostat Calibration.
* Clean Evaporator Coil If Accessible.
* Clean Condenser Oil.
* Clean Condenser Drains.
* Measure Temperature Difference.
* Apply Protective Coating To Unit.
* Adjust Gas Pressure.
* Adjust Pilot.
* Monitor A/C And Heating Cycles.

Agreement Benefits
* Warranty Validation.
* Priority Same Day Service (365 days a year!)
* Professionally Trained Technicians.
* Agreement Is Transferable.

Our Service Agreement price is $129.00 for the year. To contrast, two regular visits for a year would cost $75.00 each, totalling $150.00. You save more and get more by being part of our Service Agreement!

Contact us for any questions you might have on our installations or services.